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We regard it as a privilege to service our clients and are fully committed to the pursuit of their success. We are driven to turn goals into achievements and visions into realities.


We maintain the highest standards of quality and business excellence in everything that we do. Providing high-class living standard protocols prioritizing emotions, values & people.


Texas Africa is innovative & distributions Company in South Sudan. Enjoying the reputation & reliability earned over the years


Texas Africa Ltd is delighted to resource an inspiring portfolio of globally renowned products as a foremost established supply, logistics & marketing enterprise

Texas Africa LTD

Texas Africa is your local disaster relief supplier in South Sudan, providing humanitarian aid essentials for refuge rescue. We have supply chain management and emergency relief supplier team who acts rapidly for disaster relief supplies.

Construction Materials & Agro Tools

We have hard ware that you need including, tools, construction contracting, construction building material, agricultural equipment, metal tools, shovel, claw hammer, shears, nails and handsaws.

Emergency Relief Supply

Texas Africa improves life, we have emergency response stock to backup agencies, NGO’S. From water & sanitation to sleeping bags, and from emergency kit to water jerry cans. We got everything you need.

Logistics, General Supply

We are the best leading food distribution company. Our list includes office furniture, stationary, petroleum products, plastic buckets, kitchen cutlery set, Blankets, soaps, washing powder etc.

Cleaning and cleaning materials

Texas Africa is a leading supplier of cleaning materials and services in South Sudan. We provide high quality equipment and the best customer service to our clients