About Us

Real Construction Co. Ltd is a duly registered construction company in South Sudan. With about a 90% housing deficit in South Sudan, Real Construction saw voluntary relentless commitment to innovation and compassion as a solution to a primary human need.

Our pocket friendly quality structures complimented with FREE full Germany made solar systems reflecting our clean energy stance as pledge to environmental protection are our hall mark. We hire extra ordinary individuals; that’s why we are an extra ordinary company. Processes and the right teams have been our recipe in executing signature structures.

Real Construction Co. Ltd strongly believes a company is as good as its employees and thus attracts, registers skill and expertise as a core anchor that has sparked its exponential growth. We attract talented employees from all over the world with generosity, building a specialized, professional and international team by the talent flow idea of strict entry and tolerant exit, innovation and technology receptive  company culture, talent strategy of flexible position and rigorous multiple training systems.

Scientific management and standard operation is the core of Real Construction’s service model. Efficient business process and operating system which is informing and completing in practice, fair and efficient personnel evaluation and motivation system and advanced management concepts make Real Construction Co Ltd meritoriously increase market competitiveness constantly.

Our vision

To provide quality cost effective housing at no cost to the environment

Our mission

To be South Sudan’s go-to Construction Company with an institutional brand built on quality, value for money, compassion for communities and care for the environment.

Our core products


Architectural designs


Real Estate development and management

Our Core values


Uncompromising commitment to quality


Corporate accountability

Maximizing value for money

Compassion for our communities

Commitment to environmental conservation